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Are Las Vegas Escorts Still Relevant Today?

June 18, 2016 in Are Las Vegas Escorts Still Relevant Today? by Jess

With the rapid rise in technology and the increased use of social media, one may wonder if it is even worth hiring escorts in Vegas. After all, apps such as Tinder has made it so that finding someone for the night has become fast, easy and free. So that leads one to wonder whether people will still hire Las Vegas escorts with all this technology.

Fortunately, there are still many pros to hiring Vegas escorts as opposed to finding someone through popular social media platforms. One of the biggest advantages to hiring an escort as opposed to using an app is that for someone hiring a Vegas escort, they know what they are getting into before hand. There is a set price on the table, and granted that the terms of the night are laid out in advance, the night should go pretty smoothly. The escort knows why someone is there for them, and they know why they are there, so there aren’t any unnecessary surprises for the most part. 

Another advantage is the large selection of escorts to choose from. When hiring an escort, there will be a plethora of options to choose from. For someone who is into Asians, there are Asian Las Vegas escorts waiting. Maybe they are into blondes. There are definitely some blonde Vegas escorts who have no problem making the night interesting. But not everyone likes blondes and maybe someone prefers brunettes, they wont have trouble finding any brunette escorts in Vegas. What is great about it is that whatever someone’s preference may be, there is a Vegas escort ready to make a person’s dreams come true.

While most cities can say that they have escorts, Las Vegas has just about every kind of escort that you can wrap your mind around. For those who have fantasized about their high school teacher or their friend’s hot mom, and even for older people who want to spend time with someone more relatable, there are many mature escorts in Vegas to give a lucky person the time of their life. For someone who wants to feel like the big man and have an awesome night with someone who can fit into the palm of their hand, they will have an incredible night knowing they can find some petite Las Vegas escorts. Others may know that their best friend is getting married soon and they want their last moments of freedom to compare to The Hangover. Instead of having an exotic animal to hang around, they might prefer to hire some exotic escorts in Vegas. But if that isn’t really the mood for the night, they can always find bachelor party escorts in Vegas.

However, not everyone wants to party like a rock star when they got to Vegas. Some would rather have a quiet romantic night or just someone to talk to. They just want a warm body to cuddle up with who will listen to their stories.Maybe they have been searching for a girlfriend but the world just hasn’t been kind to them in that respect. Well, there are GFE Vegas escorts who will go out of their way to be the special someone that person may be looking for. Who knows, she may actually be that special someone.

No matter who someone is looking for, whether they be big, tall, quiet, sassy, there is a Las Vegas escort that will ready to give a lucky individual some happy memories. Because this is Vegas, this may be all they want to take back because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

by Jess

Repair or Replaceing your Expensive Cell Phone?

June 15, 2014 in Cell Phone Repair Las Vegas, Consumer electronics Show, iphone digitizer replacement, Repair or Replaceing a cell phone, samsung glass replacement by Jess

Cell Phone Repair Vs. Insurance Replacement

Everyone knows that nowadays smartphones are both expensive in terms of the price (The average smartphone price is around $600!) and with the time it takes to buy a new one and replace all of your old contacts and media. Losing a smartphone due to any kind of damage is a harrowing experience now, considering that most of our social lives now are always connected through our phones. Almost every person is used to using social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and if you use them on your cellular device and that device happens to get ruined, you may lose significant data that you may have wanted to preserve. One easy way to make sure that your phone will be quickly repaired while damaged is finding a knowledgeable and reputable repair place to fix it; and for those who feel like they do not want to deal with the prospect of finding a store to get their device fixed, you can now purchase insurance for your expensive cell phone. There are pros and cons for both finding stores yourself and going through the insurance process, and we will address those pros and cons in the following paragraphs.

One pro with finding your own store is that the price of the repair in store generally costs less than the deductible that the insurance will charge you for replacing the screen. For example, I personally moved to Vegas a while ago, and while I was going through the airport I accidentally dropped my iPhone. It cracked the screen to bits, and I knew I was going to need a repair as soon as possible. The only thing I had to do was go on the internet and look up Cell Phone repair Las Vegas on google, and I found a very reputable shop called Einstein Repairs. I had brought my phone to them, told them that I needed an iPhone glass replacement as soon as possible, and they began work. Not only did I get the phone back in the same day, but I also had to pay $100 dollars less than what I would have had to pay my insurance. I also did not lose any of my information on my phone, which is a major pro when it comes to quick repair.

A con regarding doing a repair through a shop though is that you need to put some effort into finding a shop that will do quality work and can be trusted with your phone. A cell phone is a very personal device, and you want to make sure that the shop you go to recognizes that. It might take a little to find the right shop for you, but in the end not only will it cost less, but it will also take less time to repair the device versus replacing it with a brand new one from the insurance.

Another pro that comes with repairing your phone at a shop though is that they will try to repair your phone no matter what. Some phone insurance plans only cover certain damages. If your phone happens to be damaged by a force that is not covered in your insurance plan, you cannot get your phone replaced. There are also many stipulations in which you can void your phone, one most notably being the process of jailbreaking or rooting (which has become a very popular process) your phone. I had a friend that had a limited insurance plan on his Samsung S5, and he was looking for a Samsung Digitizer replacement through his insurance. The insurance would not help him because of one reason. Unlocking and rooting his phone voided his insurance, so he was stuck with an insurance plan that would not help him. This is a pain that many go through, where a single thing can void insurance on an expensive phone. Luckily, he went to a repair shop and got his phone fixed within the same day, and now he knows what to do if something like this ever arises again.

One thing that you may be able to consider a con though is that with a repair, you still have that same phone and not a brand new one. When you go through insurance to replace your phone, if they deem it “unrepairable”, they’ll send you a brand new phone of the same model. You do not get that luxury with a repair. This could be considered a double-edged sword issue though; you either get a brand new device through insurance that has none of your information on it, or get your device repaired through a shop and be able to keep all of your information on it.

There are a couple pros and cons when it comes to replacing your phone via insurance and repairing your phone at a shop. Through personal experience, I would always choose repairing my phone at a shop. It costs less, I do not have to abide by strict insurance policies, and I get to keep all of my information on my phone. Some might like replacing their phone through their insurance though, it all comes down to personal preference. Either way, you will never want to be stuck with an expensive, broken phone.

by Jess

Porn and Electrons Clash in Las Vegas

May 17, 2014 in Consumer electronics Show, Las Vegas CES and Adult Expo, Porn Convention in Las Vegas by Jess

Las Vegas adult expo

If you’re a fan of the latest technology who also happens to enjoy the occasional porn film (don’t we all?), you might want to take the entire month of January 2015 off from work and head out to Sin City.

Las Vegas will host both the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Association Show from January 6th through the 9th as well as the 2015 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo from January 21st through the 24th.

CES, as its known by the press is usually the big coming out party for whatever is being worked on by the tech industry’s biggest titans. This past year in 2014, we saw the likes of Samsung, Sony and others demo their new curved-display televisions. Valve finally announced their new Steambox console for the living room and Michael Bay completely freaked out on stage while trying to pitch Samsung’s new tablets.

No specific announcements have been made for the 2015 CES as of yet, but one thing most observers will have an eye out for is any announcement from the folks at Oculus Rift about their new VR headset. The company made major headlines when it was announced a few months ago that Facebook had bought out the company for billions of dollars. We still don’t have a working model available to the general public yet,and there are are a number in the tech community who are concerned that a huge corporate company like Facebook might actually hurt the development process. CES 2015 could be a major opportunity for the company to start winning back public support if they have a model ready to show to the public by then.

One last thing to be aware of is the upcoming deluge of smartwatches. It’s been rumored that Apple will announce a smartwatch by the end of 2014 and other companies like Samsung have already created a line of tech-based watches. Next year’s CES could be the big coming out party for this still relatively new product category.

People will be staring at an entirely different kind of “hot product” just a couple of weeks later when AVN comes to town. The annual AVN convention in Las Vegas is the porn industry’s biggest gathering of the year. It concludes on the final night of the convention with the annual AVN Awards, kind of like an Oscars ceremony for porn.

But the three days that precede it are every porn fan’s dream. The three day long expo allows the general public to mingle with industry stars, all the while checking out the latest hot movie releases as well as the latest adult themed novelties and toys. Most attendees hire Vegas Escorts Agencies for personal companionship

The show is held every year at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino in Vegas. Walking the show floor here is a very different experience than at CES, obviously. It’s not unusual to see a half naked woman at just about every direction you turn.

Both CES and AVN are known for holding some pretty cool after parties, although the adult themed ones obviously get a little bit more crazy. Both shows bring in mainstream Hollywood stars to pitch products or just to mingle with guests.

If you don’t have any major plans for the start of the New Year, you might want to give Las Vegas a look. Only Sin City could host two major conventions on this scale within two weeks of each other. Hire for your one on one adult personal compaionship. Click here to book your reservations.



by Jess

Are Robots the Future of the Sex Industry?

May 17, 2014 in Future of the Sex Industry, Robots of the Future by Jess

Are Robots the Future of the Sex Industry?

A recent German Exposition in Robotics highlighted how close we may be to having the technology for an android sex companion. On a darkly lit stage at the Expo, there were three life-sized robots mimicking sultry and seductive gyrations typically associated with the performance of female strippers. Although the movements were quite realistic, the robots themselves were coldly mechanical. The robots had large track lights for heads, with no faces, and were not physically appealing.

Movies and science-fiction literature have contained portrayals of sexy and seductive fembots that could move any man to distraction, but the grinding giant desk lamps at the German Robot Expo seemed more amusing oddity than new age Mata Hari. However, there was a 2012 research paper that suggested the viability of sex androids, or sexbots, populating red light districts as soon as 2050. From a practical and social perspective, the use of sexbots in a legal sex trade could resolve current problems such as sexually transmitted deceases and human trafficking associated with “the world’s oldest profession.” But before that happens, more human realism will have to be incorporated into the current robot technology.

The future of the sex industry will undoubtedly require robotics to bring virtual sex reality into actual physical reality. However, currently that future prospect remains firmly rooted in science fiction rather than robotic fact. Given the lack of human sensuality exuding by the robots at the German Expo, it will certainly be sometime before we see android escorts in Vegas or robot strippers in Amsterdam.

by Jess

Unbelievable New Gadgets Prove the Future is Now

May 17, 2014 in New Gadgets of the future by Jess

smartphones of the future

Unbelievable New Gadgets Prove the Future is Now

The future is now and technology that you might expect to find in a science-fiction film is close and in many cases, already a part of our reality. Technology continues to improve at a drastic rate, changing our expectations and understanding of what is possible. Some truly remarkable and life-changing developments have brought the technology of the future to today. Some technologies are not yet available commercially, but governments and scientists regular work with these tools. In the future, we can expect to see some truly amazing technological innovations.

Bendable Smartphones
We all want more convenience, but what about a smartphone that has the capability to bend and conform to wherever you place the device. You don’t have to be afraid of sitting on your smartphone and breaking the device anymore, since these bendable mobile phones are virtually indestructible. How often have you dropped your smartphone only to find that it’s broken into pieces and no longer functions. With a bendable smartphone, you no longer have to worry about dropping your phone since it can more readily absorb the impact of a fall.

Programmable NFC Tiles
These fancy tiles allow you to program a specific action that your mobile phone can complete when you touch the phone to the tile. You can change settings, check-in to locations, update your social media accounts or even make phone calls and send text messages. The tiles are great for businesses that want to make it easy for users to connect to the business broadband network simply by tapping their compatible phone. As the market increases, expect to see these gadgets everywhere.

Smart Contact Lenses
Imagine a color sensitive contact lens that alerts you to low blood glucose levels. Diabetics will no longer have to prick themselves daily with these novel contact lenses. Your family and friends will know that it’s time to feed you when your eyes begin interacting with the glucose levels in your tears. The contact lens changes color to alert you of a low glucose level so you can take your medications before the condition becomes life threatening.

Spray On Energy
Forget the cup of coffee, 21-year-old Ben Yu and 33-year-old Deven Soni have created a spray that you can apply to your neck for sustained energy. Their formula allows you to achieve sustained energy that far surpasses the effects of stimulants like caffeine. The formula gets absorbed through the skin and distributed throughout the body, with results lasting for several hours.

3D and 4D Printing
3D printers have been available for some time, and they are not without their merit. A 3D printer allows individuals to create objects from a single blueprint that directs the printer how to form the object. What’s more amazing is that a multi-material technology is being developed to allow 4D printing. 4D printing is truly space age technology as it takes scientists into a new understanding of how structures and buildings function. With 4D printing, the objects can change and adapt to their environment to fulfill a particular purpose. Imagine a structure where the building is open when the skies are clear and provides a ceiling when it begins to rain and you’ll start to get the idea.

Ultimately, technology should serve a purpose to prove useful for business and individuals. As new inventions hit the market, it’s likely that even more incredible inventions that scientists haven’t yet thought of will come to bear. Technology has proven time and time again that regardless of how impractical a new technology seems currently, future developments, reduction in cost and manufacturing practices can make once unaffordable technologies available to the general public.