Porn and Electrons Clash in Las Vegas

Las Vegas adult expo

If you’re a fan of the latest technology who also happens to enjoy the occasional porn film (don’t we all?), you might want to take the entire month of January 2015 off from work and head out to Sin City.

Las Vegas will host both the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Association Show from January 6th through the 9th as well as the 2015 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo from January 21st through the 24th.

CES, as its known by the press is usually the big coming out party for whatever is being worked on by the tech industry’s biggest titans. This past year in 2014, we saw the likes of Samsung, Sony and others demo their new curved-display televisions. Valve finally announced their new Steambox console for the living room and Michael Bay completely freaked out on stage while trying to pitch Samsung’s new tablets.

No specific announcements have been made for the 2015 CES as of yet, but one thing most observers will have an eye out for is any announcement from the folks at Oculus Rift about their new VR headset. The company made major headlines when it was announced a few months ago that Facebook had bought out the company for billions of dollars. We still don’t have a working model available to the general public yet,and there are are a number in the tech community who are concerned that a huge corporate company like Facebook might actually hurt the development process. CES 2015 could be a major opportunity for the company to start winning back public support if they have a model ready to show to the public by then.

One last thing to be aware of is the upcoming deluge of smartwatches. It’s been rumored that Apple will announce a smartwatch by the end of 2014 and other companies like Samsung have already created a line of tech-based watches. Next year’s CES could be the big coming out party for this still relatively new product category.

People will be staring at an entirely different kind of “hot product” just a couple of weeks later when AVN comes to town. The annual AVN convention in Las Vegas is the porn industry’s biggest gathering of the year. It concludes on the final night of the convention with the annual AVN Awards, kind of like an Oscars ceremony for porn.

But the three days that precede it are every porn fan’s dream. The three day long expo allows the general public to mingle with industry stars, all the while checking out the latest hot movie releases as well as the latest adult themed novelties and toys. Most attendees hire Vegas Escorts Agencies for personal companionship

The show is held every year at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino in Vegas. Walking the show floor here is a very different experience than at CES, obviously. It’s not unusual to see a half naked woman at just about every direction you turn.

Both CES and AVN are known for holding some pretty cool after parties, although the adult themed ones obviously get a little bit more crazy. Both shows bring in mainstream Hollywood stars to pitch products or just to mingle with guests.

If you don’t have any major plans for the start of the New Year, you might want to give Las Vegas a look. Only Sin City could host two major conventions on this scale within two weeks of each other. Hire for your one on one adult personal compaionship. Click here to book your reservations.