Cell Phone Repair Vs. Insurance Replacement

Everyone knows that nowadays smartphones are both expensive in terms of the price (The average smartphone price is around $600!) and with the time it takes to buy a new one and replace all of your old contacts and media. Losing a smartphone due to any kind of damage is a harrowing experience now, considering that most of our social lives now are always connected through our phones. Almost every person is used to using social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and if you use them on your cellular device and that device happens to get ruined, you may lose significant data that you may have wanted to preserve. One easy way to make sure that your phone will be quickly repaired while damaged is finding a knowledgeable and reputable repair place to fix it; and for those who feel like they do not want to deal with the prospect of finding a store to get their device fixed, you can now purchase insurance for your expensive cell phone. There are pros and cons for both finding stores yourself and going through the insurance process, and we will address those pros and cons in the following paragraphs.

One pro with finding your own store is that the price of the repair in store generally costs less than the deductible that the insurance will charge you for replacing the screen. For example, I personally moved to Vegas a while ago, and while I was going through the airport I accidentally dropped my iPhone. It cracked the screen to bits, and I knew I was going to need a repair as soon as possible. The only thing I had to do was go on the internet and look up Cell Phone repair Las Vegas on google, and I found a very reputable shop called Einstein Repairs. I had brought my phone to them, told them that I needed an iPhone glass replacement as soon as possible, and they began work. Not only did I get the phone back in the same day, but I also had to pay $100 dollars less than what I would have had to pay my insurance. I also did not lose any of my information on my phone, which is a major pro when it comes to quick repair.

A con regarding doing a repair through a shop though is that you need to put some effort into finding a shop that will do quality work and can be trusted with your phone. A cell phone is a very personal device, and you want to make sure that the shop you go to recognizes that. It might take a little to find the right shop for you, but in the end not only will it cost less, but it will also take less time to repair the device versus replacing it with a brand new one from the insurance.

Another pro that comes with repairing your phone at a shop though is that they will try to repair your phone no matter what. Some phone insurance plans only cover certain damages. If your phone happens to be damaged by a force that is not covered in your insurance plan, you cannot get your phone replaced. There are also many stipulations in which you can void your phone, one most notably being the process of jailbreaking or rooting (which has become a very popular process) your phone. I had a friend that had a limited insurance plan on his Samsung S5, and he was looking for a Samsung Digitizer replacement through his insurance. The insurance would not help him because of one reason. Unlocking and rooting his phone voided his insurance, so he was stuck with an insurance plan that would not help him. This is a pain that many go through, where a single thing can void insurance on an expensive phone. Luckily, he went to a repair shop and got his phone fixed within the same day, and now he knows what to do if something like this ever arises again.

One thing that you may be able to consider a con though is that with a repair, you still have that same phone and not a brand new one. When you go through insurance to replace your phone, if they deem it “unrepairable”, they’ll send you a brand new phone of the same model. You do not get that luxury with a repair. This could be considered a double-edged sword issue though; you either get a brand new device through insurance that has none of your information on it, or get your device repaired through a shop and be able to keep all of your information on it.

There are a couple pros and cons when it comes to replacing your phone via insurance and repairing your phone at a shop. Through personal experience, I would always choose repairing my phone at a shop. It costs less, I do not have to abide by strict insurance policies, and I get to keep all of my information on my phone. Some might like replacing their phone through their insurance though, it all comes down to personal preference. Either way, you will never want to be stuck with an expensive, broken phone.