Unbelievable New Gadgets Prove the Future is Now

The future is now and technology that you might expect to find in a science-fiction film is close and in many cases, already a part of our reality. Technology continues to improve at a drastic rate, changing our expectations and understanding of what is possible. Some truly remarkable and life-changing developments have brought the technology of the future to today. Some technologies are not yet available commercially, but governments and scientists regular work with these tools. In the future, we can expect to see some truly amazing technological innovations.

Bendable Smartphones
We all want more convenience, but what about a smartphone that has the capability to bend and conform to wherever you place the device. You don’t have to be afraid of sitting on your smartphone and breaking the device anymore, since these bendable mobile phones are virtually indestructible. How often have you dropped your smartphone only to find that it’s broken into pieces and no longer functions. With a bendable smartphone, you no longer have to worry about dropping your phone since it can more readily absorb the impact of a fall.

Programmable NFC Tiles
These fancy tiles allow you to program a specific action that your mobile phone can complete when you touch the phone to the tile. You can change settings, check-in to locations, update your social media accounts or even make phone calls and send text messages. The tiles are great for businesses that want to make it easy for users to connect to the business broadband network simply by tapping their compatible phone. As the market increases, expect to see these gadgets everywhere.

Smart Contact Lenses
Imagine a color sensitive contact lens that alerts you to low blood glucose levels. Diabetics will no longer have to prick themselves daily with these novel contact lenses. Your family and friends will know that it’s time to feed you when your eyes begin interacting with the glucose levels in your tears. The contact lens changes color to alert you of a low glucose level so you can take your medications before the condition becomes life threatening.

Spray On Energy
Forget the cup of coffee, 21-year-old Ben Yu and 33-year-old Deven Soni have created a spray that you can apply to your neck for sustained energy. Their formula allows you to achieve sustained energy that far surpasses the effects of stimulants like caffeine. The formula gets absorbed through the skin and distributed throughout the body, with results lasting for several hours.

3D and 4D Printing
3D printers have been available for some time, and they are not without their merit. A 3D printer allows individuals to create objects from a single blueprint that directs the printer how to form the object. What’s more amazing is that a multi-material technology is being developed to allow 4D printing. 4D printing is truly space age technology as it takes scientists into a new understanding of how structures and buildings function. With 4D printing, the objects can change and adapt to their environment to fulfill a particular purpose. Imagine a structure where the building is open when the skies are clear and provides a ceiling when it begins to rain and you’ll start to get the idea.

Ultimately, technology should serve a purpose to prove useful for business and individuals. As new inventions hit the market, it’s likely that even more incredible inventions that scientists haven’t yet thought of will come to bear. Technology has proven time and time again that regardless of how impractical a new technology seems currently, future developments, reduction in cost and manufacturing practices can make once unaffordable technologies available to the general public.